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Power-Pack overhaul

Beneath the classic business of engine overhaul we also offer the overhaul of complete drives for trains. This so called Power-Pack includes additional to the engine the gearbox, coolers for water and charged air, hydraulic auxiliary drive, a high power alternator and an airco compressor.

These components are mounted on a raft which can be changed as one part. These Power-Pack´s are good for a mileage of 600.000km to 1.3 Million kilometres before they have to be overhauled completely. A train contains two to four of these Power-Pack´s which have to be overhauled in parallel. To minimize the downtime of a train we use prepared components for this overhaul.

Of course also each complete overhauled Power-Pack will run for testing before delivery to the customer on heavy load trucks. The delivery is also with all supports, nuts and bolts which are necessary to install the Power-Pack´s on the train again.